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Grace to Live. Empowered to Build. Inspired to Dream.

Grace is more than salvation, Grace is more than favor,

Grace is more than a ticket to heaven, Grace is more than salvation, Grace is more than favor,  

Grace is more than a ticket to heaven, Grace is more than love,  Grace is more than a free gift,

Grace if more than a covering on you, Grace is God’s empowerment on your life

that gives you the ability to go beyond your natural ability.

Grace gives you the ability to rule in life. Grace enables you to walk as Jesus walked.

Grace is an empowerment that comes on your life to make the impossible possible for you to do.

Grace is seen…

and grace is what is worked out on the inside of you, now seen on the outside.

Grace empowers you to do what truth demands of you.

Grace gives you the power to live what God has for you.

Grace is a higher standard of living.  

~some excerpts by John Bevere

 God can and will give each one of us grace to live our lives in any situation we find ourselves in. Those situations can range from a covenant marriage, to empowering you to build your family and leave a godly legacy, to inspiring you to live out your purpose in life to help others live and show forth His glory in the earth.

A large part of my life is intimately involved in the message of the empowerment of the grace of God in all areas of my life. These areas include living and pursuing my dream as an author, my covenant marriage, bible teaching and my family. Nothing shall be impossible with God!


“I struggled for years blaming myself for things I couldn’t let go of… After joining Stephanie’s small group I realized she was true to her word and such a blessing.I started to think a lot about relationships that I had been struggling with and began praying and things started shifting. After going thru the class I was able to no longer blame myself for my past and I am thankful for her help getting to that place.” ~ L. Graham

“I went through a forgiveness class that Stephanie taught and realized that I needed to have someone actually take me through the process of one on one healing…I went through the protocols and was able to forgive someone for every single offense I had against her….I began to think of ways to spend more time together with this person…I was more patient, did not get irritated. I tell you that experience was the most freeing experience of my life.” ~ V. Carter

“The situation I was dealing with was very devastating in my marriage. I was dealing with breakup of a 20 yr marriage (as she had already been through) and I was in a lot of pain. She helped me get through a lot of my emotions….I felt better in the days to come. Everything she has done for me and her true sincerity to help people has truly been a blessing” T. Robinson

“(Stephanie and I) met at a women’s conference…she was very open and honest and shared her struggles with her own  marriage at that tine. Her transparency made me feel at ease and as a result comfortable enough to share my personal story…as well. This was one of the greatest benefits for me.”D. Slaton

Stephanie’s no holds bar approach in her counseling to us helped us to be able to move past surface issues and to address the root of our individual strongholds and that knowledge helped us to begin breaking down walls between us (my husband and I)”C. Dennis

This book , Tomorrow Is Not Promised: A Personal Journey of Submission to Holy Spirit, is giving me goose bumps! The transparency and vulnerability of the author stirred up a lot of emotions while reading this book. A few tears were shed, however the tears were not for the hurt we all could relate to, but what GOD has done and is doing through the author as you will undoubtedly recognize when you read this book. This is not just for those who have loved and lost but for all who TRULY want to understand GOD’S unconditional love. This book without a doubt will help you gain understanding that GOD will never leave us nor forsake us. It’s hard to explain that type of love but Stephanie Carter has been able to captured it so well! ~ B. Martin

Stephanie allows us insight into a season of her life. It’s the transparency of the Body of Christ that transforms lives through Jesus Christ himself. We’re provided with an opportunity to see what holding on to a promise looks like even as the promise is tried and tested. Intimacy in any relationship requires death and demands an answer to the question “are you willing to pay the cost?” ~ C. Henderson



My two newest books are out on Amazon and Createspace ready for you to purchase and read. I am thrilled beyond words. A 25 yr dream has come to pass with more books to come. Tomorrow Is Not Promised: A Personal Journey of Submission to Holy Spirit, a memoir type book I wrote about a season in my life was released January 25, 2016. This book is for any woman going through marriage problems of any kind. It will show you how to overcome and stand in grace for your spouse with love and submission to the Holy Spirit. You will see the lessons that the Holy Spirit wants to take you through no matter what trial you may be facing so that you can look more like Him.  My second book The MANual: Raising Sons in a Fatherless Society, was released shortly after and is written to help single moms in raising their son(s) without a father in the home or when there is a lack of the fathering spirit in the home. These two books are very inspirational and written from a deep personal experience and with love.


tomorrowisnotpromisedfull3DYou can get Tomorrow Is Not Promised: A Personal Journey of Submission to Holy Spirit here on Createspace and The MANual: Raising Sons In a Fatherless Society here.  They are also available on Amazon for your Kindle and print here and here. My first book is a fulfillment of a word God spoke to me over 25 years ago that I had to live out. Never in my wildest imagination did I think the book would contain what it does. I wrote it to help women in pain. It is for women suffering loss, hurt, rejection, failure, marriage problems and all the suffering that goes with that trial. It contains lessons that the Holy Spirit taught me and that healed me. I hope it heals you too. Writing takes a lot of hard work and focus and with a son to raise and another adult son to help through life as he navigates manhood, two dogs, my church family and host of other responsibilities, counseling women and friends, and coaching its gets challenging most days. But I am doing it. One day at a time. But, God is so faithful and helps me in more ways than I can count. Would I love a vacation, YES! Would I love to just have quiet moments and think, YES! But working on my dream is bigger.

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