I’m Stephanie Carter. I am a mom, an author, a bible teacher, ordained minister, forgiveness/prayer counsellor, and life coach and founder of Grace to Live Coaching. I am also a covenant marriage stander. I am the author of several books. I wrote and released my first book called Tomorrow Is Not Promised: A Personal Journey of Total Submission to Holy Spirit released on Amazon. This book was a 25 year dream coming to pass for me on one word from God.  My book is a short memoir story of a season of my life that was quite painful and tragic and how God helped me through it all by teaching me a series of lessons by the Holy Spirit. I show women how the Holy Spirit will also help them to get through their pain with His grace and any other trial in life.  I welcome you to my page, my blog and my life just as I would to my home. So, sit back and relax and enjoy this place. Make yourself at home and prepare to learn and grow.

I created this website and my Grace to Live blog to share my passion for my purpose which is to help women walk in integrity, discipline and an uncompromising life. I show you how to get empowered to live a life full of the grace of God. I am a covenant marriage stander. I counsel and coach a lot of women through their marriages and through other consequences of life.

This page will give you a short view of what to expect here. I will share my heart and my passion as well as the Word of God on covenant marriage, divorce and remarriage, integrity, discipline, living an uncompromising life and empowerment as a woman of God.

But first, a little about me:

An important mandate of my life is that I believe that when you enter into marriage you entered into a covenant that is unbreakable except only by death. The bible clearly teaches this and I believe that marriage is to show forth the relationship that the Father has with His Son and Holy Spirit in covenant with each other,  as well as with us His children and that that relationship of the Trinity is a mirror of our relationship with Christ and that marriage is supposed to show that reflection, of the unbreakable covenant in marriage until death.

I have been living the majority of my adult life with the knowledge of my purpose and that is to teach people how to live a life of integrity, discipline and an uncompromising lifestyle in their covenant marriages and personal lives.  I blog and write books to share this message in the earth and in the Body of Christ. My blog will answer some important questions:

  • What is a covenant?
  • What is grace?
  • What is integrity?
  • What is a disciplined life?
  • How do I live uncompromising?
  • What is the mystery of marriage?
  • How or why do you stay in a covenant marriage that has gone bad?
  • Can’t I just remarry if I leave my marriage?
  • What does the Word of God really say about covenant marriage?
  • How do I live a disciplined life?
  • How do you live an intentional life?
  • How do you really forgive?
  • ..and more

I found that the answers to these questions are not easy for people to understand or accept, especially those in the body of Christ. These questions pose a lot of controversy that many leaders will not delve into. I found, however, that there are many that want to discuss this and want answers within the church and are willing to do whatever they need to do to stand in their covenant marriage.

I will usually publish new blog articles about two times per week as I want to always seek to serve my readers.

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I am a mom of two amazing sons. Jonathyn my oldest. He is my musician. Nicknamed by me– the maestro. He is a worship leader and talented musician. He is my heart and soul and has the most precious spirit for worship and for God in his life. My second son and baby of the family is Stephen, my life, my joy and energy child and my foodie-buddy. His heart full of passion for everything and for God and missions and life is intoxicating for him. He is an exciting person probably the most exciting funniest person you will ever meet.  My heart grew 10x its size when I had them.  They are my pearls of value.

I live outside of Atlanta, GA with my son and two dogs, Basil and Oscar.  I am a homeschool mom, forgiveness coach, quilter, author, friend, sister and yard landscaper (my own yard), and a spiritual mentor to women.

I graduated from Christian Life School of Theology with a Doctorate degree in Theology in January 2017.

I have released my second book for single moms raising sons called, The MANual: Raising Sons in a Fatherless Society. When I am not writing or studying I am reading, blogging,  coaching or doing some forgiveness/prayer counseling and teaching on forgiveness.

I am a covenant stander til death. I was divorced and I only put this here because I look more like a stander now than I did when I was married. Because I am still in covenant, the picture below is in honor of my covenant, my family and my still covenant husband (our family photo). I choose to still call him my husband because in the eyes of God and in my heart that is how God sees us and he will forever be that to me no matter what he does or does not do in his life. I will keep my vows to him and to God.  I was married for 22 yrs to Mychael and he will forever be my best friend.


my son Jonathyn, my son Stephen, Me, my husband Mychael

My son Jonathyn, my son Stephen, Myself &  Mychael September 2013


Jonathyn Carter


Stephen Carter



I have a lot of loves in my life. I love to write. When I was a child I would use allowance money to buy pencils and packs of paper and journals.  I was a bookworm, nerd kind of girl in school. I love to study, I love to read, I love books, I love to plant flowers, and I love to talk. I love to decorate and paint and make things cozy and homey.  I love journals. I love to have people at my house and serve you and make you feel comfortable. I love to give gifts and presents and see you light up and smile.  I love to teach the word of God. I love dogs. I have a beagle-daschund mix, Oscar.  He is crazy fun.


Oscar, my dog


I love to work in my yard and I love chocolate chip cookies.  I love that I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I love chic flicks. There I said it. I love romance.  My favorite movie is A Walk To Remember.  I love to make memories for every single important holiday and I love to celebrate the moments and get flowers delivered. I love all things girly. I love LOVE.


My favorite movie



Let me say this… I am here because of God but He uses people and I must give honor to a woman that is an incredible godly woman.  I am so honored that God picked her out and said “go help that girl down there in pain and depression and fear and worry. She has gifts I need to come out and she needs you”.  I wouldn’t be here today in a healed place had it not been for my spiritual mom, Doris Morris (below) who loved me to life and poured everything in her out to me. I love you Mom so much. Thank you for life you transferred to me.


Doris, my mom and heart


I have had many challenges in life and roller coaster moments with many ups and downs and they have names–depression, marital separation, anger, suicide thoughts, fear, and divorce to name a few.  But after many years of surrendering to God, obedience, patience and perseverance in the struggle, I learned to be thankful for all the adversity I have endured. It has qualified me to talk to you. Every trial and struggle has brought me to a healing place I never would had arrived at had I not endured. Few walk this road and live to tell about it. I have scars. Some you will see. Some are just for that secret place with my Father, who healed me.

While coming out of many of my trials, the Holy Spirit took my mess and made it my message or should I say messages.  I began to resurrect my dream for writing and teaching and stories I held in my heart for so many years. The Holy Spirit, (the Teacher) began to speak and say “it’s time” for His message of covenant to take shape and sound and I am a willing vessel. When God calls you…He just wants a yes!

For His honor I share my life, struggles, trials, victories and teachings so that you will learn to be His bride and none other. I pray you will be encouraged, uplifted and blessed.

In Christ Service,

Stephanie Signature



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