Tomorrow Is Not Promised


Tomorrow Is Not Promised: A Personal Journey of Total Submission to Holy Spirit is a true story about the life of one woman and how the greatest tragedy of her life turned out to be one of the greatest blessings of her life. It is a riveting true story of how God can take any pain, any sorrow, any tragedy, any burden, any trial and make it work for your good and how He uses it to make you look like his bride.
It is not a unique story but the message may be unique to those selected readers and how transformation occurs in the life of an individual.
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Please share this book with your family, friends, and those you know are hurting.
Here are a few testimonies about the book:
Tomorrow is not promised is a powerful story of a courageous woman who simply refused to let the betrayal of her husband, the long and painful journey involving that betrayal, define her. Her commitment to stay true to the covenant she made with God when she said “I do, for better or worse” was put to the ultimate test. Her faith and obedience to Him gave her the grace and strength to walk day by day to a place of wholeness and restoration in her heart and soul. A must read for anyone who desires to walk in complete surrender to God, regardless of the cost, knowing that He is faithful to restore! -CD
When reading this book, I had such a huge appreciation for the honesty and vulnerability it took to share this story. The pain the author went through was beyond emotional, but the beauty was found in the obedience to the Holy Spirit. The writer truly takes you on her journey and it’s hard to put down. If you want to grow in intimacy with God, get this book! It will challenge and inspire you in the area of daily surrender to the Holy Spirit. No matter what you’re going through, God will never leave you and will walk through it with you. – B. Stingl
I have purchased multiple copies of this book for my friends who are struggling with their marriages. Stephanie”s willingness to open the pages of her heart and share her pain on every page, is astounding. She opens herself to become vulnerable in order to share the healing process when one spouse becomes obedient and surrenders to God’s plan when the other spouse leaves a covenant marriage. Stephanie “shows”, not just “tells”, how the Lord lovingly leads her through pain to still waters. This is, indeed, a personal journey. – Amazon Customer
This book is giving me goose bumps! The transparency and vulnerability of the author stirred up a lot of emotions while reading this book. A few tears were shed, however the tears were not for the hurt we all could relate to, but what GOD has done and is doing through the author as you will undoubtedly recognize when you read this book. This is not just for those who have loved and lost but for all who TRULY want to understand GOD’S unconditional love. This book without a doubt will help you gain understanding that GOD will never leave us nor forsake us. It’s hard to explain that type of love but Stephanie Carter has been able to captured it so well!– Amazon Customer
Great book Stephanie! Sorry for the pain you endured but so thankful you made it to the other side of the pain. With forgiveness you have come a long way. – J. Minter


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