Quiet Conversations: Hearing the Voice of God Daily

Quiet Conversations: Hearing the Voice of God Daily is a great book to help you “see” how the Holy Spirit talked to His daughter, Stephanie in her quiet place. It will inspire you to trust that He can and does talk to you also. You will hear the intimacy of His voice and a sense of His presence. Stephanie Carter, ordained minister and teacher, takes you into the secret place of some of her more intimate conversations with Him. She shows you what it is like to have very natural conversations with a very real God, that reveal some very important truths He has for His children.
The author shows you how to get alone, in secret, and wait for Him to speak to you. The truths shared in this book will help you desire and develop a hearing ear to His voice alone. Quiet Conversations: Hearing the Voice of God Daily is not based on theory but on actual conversations the author had with Holy Spirit. This book will encourage and inspire you to grow in a personal relationship with the most important Person you could ever know. 
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Please share this book with your family, friends, and those you know that desire to hear His voice more clearly. 
Here are a few testimonies about the book:
This is a wonderful book! Stephanie is an excellent writer and has outdone herself this time! This book, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in Stephanie’s prayer closet, has deep insights of truth and wisdom. It challenges you to come higher with God, make no compromises or excuses for sin. One of the most powerful chapters is on loving others with God’s love, not finite human love. Stephanie is living all this out, forged by fire as attested by the experience of her marriage in this book. – B. Jones


Stephanie is an amazing writer who writes with clarity, passion and purpose. This book will challenge, encourage, and help you see how to handle the truly difficult things relationship sometimes throw at us. God truly has answers for us when we seek His wisdom, as Stephanie so clearly demonstrates in this book. If you’re going through a difficult time, I would definitely recommend this book. It will leave you with hope, comfort and direction. – L. Graham


I love reading how Holy Spirits speaks individually and Quiet Conversations certainly delivered. Another great book by this author. – G. Morris